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Korea's Female College Graduate Employment Rate at Bottom among 33 OECD Members

January 21, 2013 10:12 l January 21, 2013 12:37

Korea's employment rate for women college graduates is the lowest among Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development member countries. According to the OECD and the Korean Women's Development Institute on January 20, the 2011 employment rate for Korean women with college degrees was 60.1 percent, lowest among 33 OECD members.

Turkey was the second lowest in ranking with the employment rate of 64.4 percent. Other countries such as Mexico, Italy, Greece, and the United States were low in female college graduate hiring rate, but all were in excess of 70 percent.

Korea's gender difference in employment rate was 29.0 percentage points, the highest in all OECD member countries. Actually Korea was the only country with the gender difference higher than 20 percentage points.

As for the percentage of women temporary workers, the indicator of the degree of job insecurity, Korea was again No. 1 with 27.7 percent among comparable 22 member countries. Other countries with high women temporary worker shares include Spain (26.6%), Portugal (22.4%), Japan (20.7%), and the Netherlands (19.6%).