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Samsung Electronics Tops in Terms of Smartphone Patents

June 24, 2014 12:30 l June 24, 2014 12:30

Samsung Electronics turned out to have the largest number of patents in the smartphone area. The company also led the list in terms of the number of patent applications in the areas of semiconductor and smart media.


Thomson Reuters, a specialist in patent analysis, released on June 23 a report titled 2014 State of Innovation: Twelve Key Technology Areas and Their States of Innovation.


The report showed that Samsung Electronics applied 2,179 patents in smartphone area, 1,362 in the semiconductor and 245 in the smart media area last year, ranking No. 1 in these areas.


In the smartphone category, in particular, the number of patents applied by Samsung Electronics was more than three times higher than Apples 647.


The worlds No. 2 smartphone patent holder was LG Electronics with 1,678. LG is now aiming for a No. 3 spot in the global smartphone market in terms of both sales volume and value, behind Samsung Electronics and Apple.

Following LG were Qualcomm with 1,383, Sony with 1,071, Panasonic with 976, and Sharp with 963.