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Anipang Passes 10 Mil. Mark in DAU

October 02, 2012 08:23|October 02, 2012 08:30
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“Anipang for KakaoTalk,” a social game, passed the 10-million mark in daily active user (DAU) numbers in just two months after being launched.


Anipang Passes 10 Mil. Mark in DAU

Sundaytoz, the developer of the social game, announced on October 1 that Anipang surpassed the 10-million mark in DAU, with the number of users who have installed and enjoy the game estimated at 17 million and the number of concurrent users at over 2 million.


Considering that Zynga, a leading social game on Facebook, has a 45 million DAU worldwide, Anipang’s 10 million DAU in Korea is a remarkable performance.


Global smartphone game “Angry Bird” series announced that it had a 30 million DAU worldwide. However, the series is a stand-alone game that is not connected with social networks such as friend relationship and real-time ranking, making it hard to compare it with Anipang.

Anipang’s concurrent users are estimated at around more than 2 million. The 10 million DAU mark for Anipang can be interpreted as every citizen in the metropolitan Seoul area is enjoying the game every day.