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Dream Chain to present real estate blockchain platform

September 04, 2018 17:48|09 06, 2018 19:03
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Dream Chain to present real estate blockchain platform

Dream GlobalPartners (Dream Chain) announced on Sep 4th that it will launch a highly reliable real estate blockchain platform for developers and final users.

The blockchain technology minimizes the possibility of malicious frauds or forged documents, because the ledger is store in a decentralized way and not concentrated in theavailability of the parties involved.

When thistechnology is applied to real estate transactions, sources of conflicts for possessionbetween trading partners disappear, while fairness and transparency areensured.

Therefore, information security is vital in the blockchain platform for safe transactions. The new proprietary technology of Dream Chain guarantees secure, efficient andoptimal transactions in the whole value chain of the real estate industry. Inaddition, various problems endemic in the real estate industry can be solved.

Dream Chain will present its technology at the Real Estate Blockchain Expo 2018( which will be held at COEX from Sep 19th. Every year morethan 40,000 buyers, developers and investors visit the expo which is hosted bythe Real Estate Blockchain Institute (RBI).

The exhibition isorganized together with the "Korea Economic Daily International RealEstate Exhibition."

Dream Chain willparticipate as a major sponsor of the Real Estate Blockchain Expo, exhibitingtogether with six strategic partners and Hdac Technology, a blockchain platformalliance partner with whom (Dream Chain) has signed a MOU one month ago.

"On the first day of the Expo, during the 'Block Chain Knowledge Forum', we are expecting a big response to our business model," said a representative of Dream Chain. He also mentioned that "we will have concrete business discussions with VIPs and investors in the evenings of Sep19-20. We will also explain our detailed business model with potential and current partners".

By Young-shin Park