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SK Hynix Launches Foundry Subsidiary SK Hynix System IC

July 11, 2017 22:36|July 11, 2017 22:36
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SK Hynix System IC, a foundry spin-off of SK Hynix, held an inauguration ceremony at its headquarters in Cheongju in North Chungcheong Province on July 10.


The share of foundry sales in SK Hynix's overall business is negligible. The annual sales of the foundry business is estimated at around 120 billion won, a level less than 1 percent of SK Hynix's total annual sales.


The foundry business, which has remained in the red for several years, has a mere 0.2 percent share in the global market, falling behind those of the nation's mid-sized foundry companies such as Dongbu Hitek and Megnachip Semiconductor.


SK Hynix's decision to spin off the foundry business is the result of its self-reflection that its memory chip-centered business structure has a limit in developing the foundry business which has a small-quantity batch production system.


To ensure the soft landing of SK Hynix System IC, SK Hynix plans to provide an extensive range of support, giving a handsome amount of encouragement bonus to the employees who will work for SK Hynix System IC.