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SKC Haas Makes New Start as "SKC Hi-Tech & Marketing"

July 05, 2017 08:46|July 05, 2017 08:46
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SKC Haas Display Film, the No. 1 player in Korea's film processing industry, changed its corporate name to "SKC Hi-Tech & Marketing."


After acquiring Dow Chemical's 51-percent stake in SKC Haas Display Film, making it incorporated as a 100-percent owned subsidiary, SKC announced on July 3 that it changed the corporate name of SKC Haas Display Film to SKC Hi-Tech & Marketing.


SKC Hi-Tech & Marketing plans to expand the scope of its business toward a variety of processing materials for use in IT and display-related convergence products, electric cars, and semiconductors by processing SKC's state-of-the-art films.


To this end, SKC Hi-Tech & Marketing will invest more than 100 billion won in R&D and capacity expansion over the next five years, with focus on its plants in Cheonan in South Chungcheong Province, Korea, and Suzhou in China.


In technological collaboration with SKC, SKC Hi-Tech & Marketing will push for commercialization of compound films which enable the production of quantum films and thinner and lower-cost LCD displays.