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Moon Jae-in Wins Chungcheong Primaries, Getting Closer to Win Minjoo Party's Presidential Nominee

March 31, 2017 10:41|March 31, 2017 10:41
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Moon Jae-in, former head of the opposition Minjoo Party, won the primary on March 29 in the Chungcheong Province regions. He gained 47.8 percent of the vote, outcompeting other rivals. The victory came after he won the Jeolla primaries on March 27 with the vote tally of 60.2 percent.


In the Chungcheong primaries, Moon won 60,645 votes (47.8%), followed by other rivals Ahn Hee-jung (46,556 votes or 36.7%)  and Lee Jae-myung (19,402 votes or 15.3%).


In the Minjoo Party's two primaries, accordingly, Moon won a total of 202,988 votes (55.9%), dwarfing Ahn's 93,771 votes (25.8%) and Lee's 65,248 votes (18.0%).


After winning the primaries, Moon said, "I am so happy to win another victory in the Chungcheong Province after Honam in the southwest. I'd like to extend my deepest thanks to the Chungcheong voters who have selected me instead of the province's incumbent governor to realize the dream of regime change."