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Renault Samsung Reports Record 2015 Operating Profit of 326 Bil. Won

April 04, 2016 15:39|April 04, 2016 16:38
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Renault Samsung Reports Record 2015 Operating Profit of 326 Bil. Won

Renault Samsung Motors posted more than 300 billion won in operating profit last year. This is a record-high operating profit for the auto maker, which has reached a positive profit for three consecutive years. According to an audit report submitted with the Financial Supervisory Service by Renault Samsung on April 4, the company earned 326.2 billion won in operating profit on sales of 5,018.3 billion won.

Its sales were 26 percent higher than those in 2014 (3,974.3 billion won) and operating profit more than double that of the previous year's (147.5 billion won). The net profit also increased 28 percent to 251.2 billion won.

The company sold a total of 229,000 cars in and outside Korea last year, up 35 percent from the previous year. Of these, the cars assembled in its Busan plant were 200,000 and the plant's capacity use has improved 30 percent. The biggest contributor to the company's improved financial results was the crossover SUV Nissan Rogue produced for the North American market. The plant exported 149,000 Rogues in 2015, up by 90,000 from 2014.

A company official said, "The won's depreciation against the U.S. dollar has helped us increase our export of Rogue SUVs. it was thanks to our relentless effort to import-substitute major parts and components."

[ 김정훈 기자 ] 르노삼성자동차가 지난해 3000억원이 넘는 영업 흑자를 달성했다. 2013년 이후 3년 연속 흑자 달성으로 사상 최대 실적이다.

4일 르노삼성이 금융감독원에 제출한 감사보고서에 따르면 이 회사는 지난해 5조183억원의 매출과 3262억원의 영업이익을 달성했다. 매출은 전년(3조9743억원) 대비 26% 증가했고 영업이익은 2014년의 1475억원보다 2배 이상 뛰었다. 당기순이익도 2512억원으로 28% 증가했다.

르노삼성은 지난해 국내외 시장에서 전년 대비 35%(약 6만대) 늘어난 22만9000대를 판매했다. 이중 부산공장 생산분은 20만대로 가동률이 30% 개선됐다. 특히 북미 판매용 로그가 9만대 증가한 14만9000대가 수출되면서 수익성을 대폭 끌어올렸다.

회사 관계자는 "로그 수출 증가에 따른 환율 여건이 개선(달러화 대비 원화 약세)된 효과를 봤다"며 "부품 국산화에 다른 지속적인 원가 절감 활동을 추진한 결과"라고 설명했다.

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