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Foreign Investors Want to Meet IR Managers of  SK Hynix, LGD

June 27, 2017 18:24|June 27, 2017 18:24
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Foreign Investors Show Keen Interest in Having Meetings with IR Managers at  AmorePacific, SK Hynix, LGD and LG Household & Health Care
Foreign investors showed higher interest in contacting AmorePacific, SK Hynix and LG Display.
This is a result of the survey that a global investment bank UBS carried out in Seoul last week with 130 foreign companies during the Korea Conference 2017.
According to UBS, the foreign investors who participated in the Korea Conference 2017 showed higher interest in having meetings with AmorePacific, SK Hynix, LG Display, LG Household and Health Care and Naver in this order.
UBS said through its "Korea Investment Strategy" report, that 45 percent of foreign investors it surveyed hoped to have a meeting with AmorePacific's IR manager, while 35 percent of them wanted to hear more from Naver.
Samsung Electronics was not included within top five in the list. Some industyr experts said, "It would be unnecessary for foreign investors to have a direct meeting with IR managers at Samsung Electronics since they already have a full analysis of Samsung Electronics which has been maintaining active IR activities."