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Korea Investment & Securities Tops in Terms of Net Profit among Securities Firms

May 17, 2017 18:33|May 17, 2017 18:33
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Korea'smajor securities firms released their first-quarter results. Most of themshowed improved results thanks to an increase in brokerage income, resulting fromthe recent stock market rally and strong performance in investment banking-relatedbusinesses.

KoreaInvestment & Securities came on top in terms of net profit. On May 15,Korea Investment & Securities announced that it posted a net profit of130.1 billion won in the first quarter of this year, up 104.4 percent year onyear.

Itssales also rose 13.7 percent to 1.90 trillion won, with its operating profitestimated at 169.1 billion won, up 142.6 percent year on year.

Ofthe nation's major securities firms, only three companies, namely KoreaInvestment & Securities, Mirae Asset Daewoo (110.2 billion won) and KBSecurities (108.8 billion won), achieved higher than 100 billion wonconsolidated net profit.

MiraeAsset Daewoo posted an operating profit of 143.5 billion won in theJanuary-March period of this year, up 196.8 percent year on year, with its netprofit rising by 174.2 percent to 110.2 billion won.