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Some Korea-listed Chinese Firms Face Risk of Delisting

May 02, 2017 16:56|May 02, 2017 16:56
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Withsome of the Chinese companies listed on the Korean stock market placed at therisk of delisting, the share prices of other Korea-listed Chinese companies areunderperforming. On April 28, a day after Wanli faced the risk of delisting dueto audit opinion disclaimer, 11 out of 13 Chinese companies on the Korean stockmarket saw their share prices decline.


Amongthese Chinese companies are Organic Tea-Cosmetics (-4.21%), China Great (-3.99%),and Crystal New Material (-3.52%).


SinceMarch 2017, a total of three Chinese companies faced the risk of being delistedin the Korean stock market. On April 27, Wanli disclosed that it was refused tobe given audit opinion.


ChinaOcean, which was also refused to be given audit opinion earlier, is expected toenter the process of delisting. If China Ocean is kicked out of the market,there would be no Chinese companies left on the KOSPI market.