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TicketMonster Reviews IPO Become First Social Commerce Retailer If Successful

April 05, 2017 11:10|April 05, 2017 13:56
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TicketMonster Reviews IPO Become First Social Commerce Retailer If Successful
TicketMonster, Korea's leading social commerce retailer, is reviewing a plan to list its shares on the stock market. If the company's bid turns out successful, it will be the first publicly traded social commerce firm in Korea. According to financial investment industry sources on April 5, TicketMonster signed an underwriting deal with Samsung Securities.

The company, which has yet to break out of the red, will take advantage of the KOSDAQ market's IPO requirement for loss-making but promising candidate firms. A TicketMonster official said, "We are considering an IPO or equity investment from third-party firms as a way to grow our company's size."

A Samsung Securities official explained, "Although we are exploring several options, we are leaning toward general list instead of one relying on the Tesla clause." The Tesla clause, introduced in January this year, allows IPO candidate firms that incur losses to list themselves. This is named after America's electric car company Tesla that successfully made public despite consistently running loss and lack of capital.

TicketMonster last year posted an operating loss of 141.8 billion won on sales of 195.8 billion won.
소셜커머스 티몬이 코스닥시장 상장을 검토하고 있다.

상장에 성공할 경우 티몬은 국내 1호 소셜커머스 상장사가 된다.

5일 금융투자업계에 따르면 티몬은 삼성증권과 주관사 계약을 맺고 코스닥 상장을 논의하고 있다.

적자기업인 티몬은 코스닥시장의 '유망기업 상장 요건'을 활용할 계획이다.

티몬 관계자는 "기업의 성장 방법 중 하나로 투자 유치나 상장을 내부적으로 검토하고 있는 상황"이라고 밝혔다.

삼성증권 관계자는 "티몬과 코스닥 상장을 논의 중인 가운데 일반상장 방향으로 논의 중에 있다"며 "테슬라 요건이나 기술특례는 티몬보다 더 규모가 작은 기업에게 해당되는 조건"이라고 했다.

티몬은 지난해 영업수익(매출) 1958억원과 1418억원의 영업손실을 기록했다.

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