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Daewoo Shipbuilding President Vows "This Is the Last Time We Get Gov't Bailout Money"

March 25, 2017 06:58|March 25, 2017 10:13
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Daewoo Shipbuilding Pres
Jung Sung-leep, president of Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, said on March 24, "I will step down if I can't turn the company around to the black this year." He said this in a press conference held at the company's headquarters building in Seoul's downtown, adding, "I really feel sorry that my company had to receive another round of government bailout money only 18 months after we received it last time." "I will do my utmost to turn the company around this time thinking this is the last chance given to me," he added.

The government announced yesterday that it would provide 6.7 trillion won (US$5.99 billion) to the financially ailing shipbuilding after injecting 4.2 trillion won ($3.76 billion) in October 2015. Daewoo Shipbuilding posted an operating loss of 1,608.9 billion won last year, continuing its rally of four-year consecutive loss.

Jung of Daewoo Shipbuilding added, "I will always keep in mind the fact that my company will be sold to any of the big-two [Hyundai and Samsung Heavy Industries] shipyards in the worst case scenario. Even though Samsung Heavy Industries located in the same Geoje Island would be a better candidate, I won't speculate on that too much."

He also said, "I will ask for help to major institutional investors such as the National Pension Service that hold Daewoo-issued bonds to agree to the debt adjustment plan proposed by the government."
정성립 대우조선해양 사장(사진)은 24일 “올해 흑자 경영을 달성하지 못하면 자리에서 물러나겠다”고 말했다.

정 사장은 이날 서울 다동 대우조선해양 사옥에서 기자간담회를 열어 “1년 반 만에 또 정부 지원을 받게 돼 송구스럽게 생각한다”며 “마지막 기회라는 생각으로 회사를 흑자 전환시킴으로써 국민 기대에 부응하겠다”고 강조했다. 정부는 2015년 10월 대우조선에 4조2000억원을 투입한 데 이어 지난 23일 6조7000억원을 추가로 지원하기로 했다. 대우조선은 지난해 영업손실 1조6089억원을 기록해 4년 연속 적자를 냈다.

그는 “정부 방침대로 ‘빅2(현대중공업 삼성중공업)’ 매각을 염두에 두고 경영하겠다”며 “같은 지역(거제)에 있는 삼성중공업이 이론상 시너지가 크겠지만 어디에 매각될지는 알 수 없다”고 말했다. 또 “정부가 발표한 채무재조정안에 국민연금공단 등 회사채 기관투자가들이 협조하도록 도움을 구할 것”이라며 “출자전환되는 주식의 가치를 높인 뒤 올 9월 재거래를 추진해 회사채 투자자 손실을 최소화하겠다”고 덧붙였다.

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