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Hyundai Motor Regains No. 2 Position in KOSPI Stock Value

March 22, 2017 06:50|March 22, 2017 08:44
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Hyundai Motor Regains No. 2 Position in KOSPI Stock Value
Hyundai Motor has regained the No. 2 position in the KOSPI market in terms of market value after rising 8 percent in one day. As Hyundai hit a 52-week high yesterday together with Samsung Electronics, the KOSPI index renewed the year's high.

On March 21, Hyundai Motor shares were closed at 170,000 won, up 8.63 percent (13,500 won) from the previous day, on the back of net-buying by foreigners (119.8 billion won) and institutional investors (31.2 billion won). Its market capitalization of 37,447.0 billion won is now higher than that of SK Hynix (34,616.5 billion won).

Other Hyundai Motor Group stocks such as Kia Motors (3.51%), Hyundai Mobis (3.05%), Hyundai Wia (9.25%), and Innocean (6.11%) also gained across the board. This is largely because of expectations that the group's financial results would improve this year following recovery of emerging markets. Reports from foreign securities firms predicting Hyundai Motor Group would improve its governance structure this year also helped the shares up.

Samsung Electronics was also closed at 2,128,000 won on the same day, up 1.58 percent (33,000 won) from the previous day. Thanks to the rapid rise of the two large cap stocks, the KOSPI rose to a high of 2,178.38, up 0.99 percent (21.37 points) from the previous day, the highest level in 68 months.

Lee Jong-woo, head of research at IBK Investment & Securities, said, "As Korea's financial markets enter a bull market in earnest, investors began paying more attention to auto stocks that have been relatively undervalued for so long."
현대자동차가 8%대의 급등세를 보이며 시가총액 2위 자리를 탈환했다. 삼성전자에 이어 현대차까지 ‘1년 최고가’를 찍으면서 코스피지수는 또다시 연중 최고치를 갈아치웠다.

현대차는 21일 유가증권시장에서 1만3500원(8.63%) 오른 17만원에 마감했다. 외국인투자자가 1198억원, 기관투자가가 312억원어치를 쓸어담았다. 시가총액 37조4470억원으로 SK하이닉스(34조6165억원)를 제치고 3개월여 만에 2위 자리를 되찾았다.

기아자동차(3.51%) 현대모비스(3.05%) 현대위아(9.25%) 이노션(6.11%) 등 현대차 그룹주도 일제히 상승했다. 신흥국 시장 회복에 힘입어 올해 실적이 개선될 것이란 전망과 일부 외국계 증권회사에서 내놓은 지배구조 개편 기대가 상승 동력으로 작용했다.

삼성전자도 3만3000원(1.58%) 오른 212만8000원에 마감했다. ‘전차 군단’의 동반 약진에 힘입어 이날 코스피지수는 21.37포인트(0.99%) 오른 2178.38로 5년8개월 만에 최고치를 기록했다. 이종우 IBK투자증권 리서치센터장은 “국내 증시가 본격적인 강세장에 진입하면서 상대적으로 저평가된 자동차주에 대한 관심이 커졌다”며 “여러 종목이 함께 오르는 장세는 투자심리 회복에 대단히 긍정적”이라고 말했다.

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