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BOK Stresses Income-driven Growth, in Line with the New Government's Stance

May 26, 2017 16:35|May 26, 2017 16:35
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Lee Ju-yeol, Governor of Bank of Korea, stressed job security as one of the central bank's main roles on May 25. He also said he would review an idea of switching dispatched workers to regular employees within the bank.


This move is consistent with the new Moon Jae-in administration's policy goals that focus on job creation and shift of non-regular workers into regular ones.


In a meeting held right after the main meeting of the bank's Monetary Policy Committee, Lee said that in-depth discussion is needed to add job security into the central bank's main roles which have been focusing primarily on price and financial market stabilization.


Lee added that he would pursue the reduction in the number of non-regular workers within the central bank.


He said, "We have strived to hire more regular employees rather than increasing the number of non-regular workers, as well as to address the non-regular worker issue by improving their working conditions. We will positively review the idea of reducing the number of non-regular workers."