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President-elect Moon Begins His Term at 8:09 am on May 10

May 10, 2017 10:53|May 11, 2017 05:47
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The term of President-elect Moon Jae-in has officially begun in the morning of May 10. The National Election Committee held an all-member meeting at 8 am on the same day and confirmed that Mr. Moon is the 19th president of the Republic of Korea.

The exact time the presidential term commenced was 8:09 am when National Election Committee Chairman Kim Yong-deok pronounced Moon's confirmation. With this, all powers and duties as a president have been handed over to the new leader including the powers as Commander-in-chief. There is no 60-day transition period this time as this was an election to fill the void created by the impeachment of the sitting president.

Mr. Moon will announce a Prime Minister nominee in the afternoon of the same day. It was reported that Lee Nak-youn, current Governor of South Jeolla Province, was already nominated for the position. Mr. Lee began his political career in 2000 as a lawmaker in the 16th legislative elections at the recommendation of former president Kim Dae-jung. Right after Roh Moo-hyun was elected as president in 2002, he worked as a spokesperson for the transition team. In addition, the newly elected president nominated Lim Jong-seok, Minjoo Party congressman, as Presidential Chief of Staff.
제19대 문재인 대통령의 임기가 공식 개시됐다.

중앙선거관리위원회(선관위)는 10일 오전 8시 전체 위원회의를 열고 대선 개표결과에 따라 문재인 더불어민주당 대선후보를 대통령 당선인으로 공식 확정했다.

이번 대선에서는 선관위에서 당선인 결정안이 의결되는 즉시 새 대통령의 임기가 시작된다.

이에 문 대통령의 공식 임기는 김용덕 위원장이 의사봉을 두드린 오전 8시9분부터다. 이 시점부터 국군통수권 등 대통령으로서의 권환도 모두 이양됐다.

선관위는 문 대통령 당선안 의결 직후 안규백 더불어민주당 사무총장에게 당선증을 교부했다.

김 위원장은 "이번 대선은 헌정사상 최초의 대통령 탄핵에 따른 궐위선거였다"며 "당선인께서 이념과 지역, 계층, 세대를 아우르는 국민 대통합에 힘써주시기 바란다"고 밝혔다.

문 대통령은 이번 대선에서 1342만3800표, 전체의 41.1%를 득표했다.

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