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Domestic Prices of Europe-made Pots and Pans Still Too High Even after an FTA

June 04, 2012 13:35|July 04, 2012 13:08
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The domestic consumer price of “Made in Europe” pots and pans such as those by France’s Tefal and Germany’s Fissler, remains about 2.9 times higher than their import prices even after the Korea-EU FTA took effect last July.

Backed by the Fair Trade Commission, the Korean Federation of Housewives Club conducted a survey (from April 25 through May 5) on domestic selling prices of eight different items of imported pots and frying pans, including those selling in department stores, large shopping malls, and traditional markets. The survey showed that the average consumer prices of four imported aluminum models, which grab a share of about 60 percent in domestic market, are 2.9 times higher than their import prices.

This survey also took a look at 21 department stores and large shopping malls in six other countries, including France, Germany, the UK and the U.S. The average selling price of Germany’s WOLL Diamond Plus stood at 230,000 won at domestic department stores, about 57.4 percent higher than those of foreign department stores.