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Korea's Drug Market Hits 20 Tril. Won Mark in 2016

July 07, 2017 09:52|July 07, 2017 17:32
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Korea's drug market has surpassed the 20-trillion-won level for the first time in history. The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety said on July 6 that last year's drug market has grown 12.9 percent to 21,725.6 billion won from the previous year. The domestic output was up 10.8 percent to 18,086.1 billion won while exports rose 5.9 percent to US$3,120.4 million.

As for imports, the figure increased 13.8 percent to $5,636.3 million from the previous year. As a result, the trade balance in drugs for 2016 was a deficit of $2,515.9 billion. The drug output last year accounted for 1.15 percent of the GDP.

The output of drug ingredients last year was up 18.0 percent to 2,493.2 billion won, largely due to an increased demand for consignment production by international drug companies. The main engine of growth for the nation's drug exports was biosimilar drugs.

By individual company, Hanmi Pharmaceutical was ranked No. 1 for two consecutive years.
한국 의약품 시장 규모가 지난해 처음으로 20조원대를 넘어섰다.

6일 식품의약품안전처는 2016년 의약품 시장 규모가 전년 대비 12.9% 증가한 21조7256억원을 기록했다고 밝혔다. 국내 의약품 생산액은 지난해 18조861억원으로 전년보다 10.8% 늘었고 수출액은 31억2040만달러(약 3조6209억원)로 5.9% 증가했다. 수입액은 56억3632만달러(약 6조5404억원)로 전년보다 13.8% 늘어났다. 무역수지 적자 폭은 25억1593만달러였다. 지난해 의약품 생산실적은 국내총생산(GDP)의 1.15%를 차지했다.

지난해 한국의 원료 의약품 생산액은 2조4932억원으로 전년보다 18% 증가했다. 품질 수준이 향상되면서 글로벌 제약사의 위탁 생산 의뢰가 증가한 덕분이다. 의약품 수출 확대를 이끈 것은 바이오의약품이었다.

제약사별 생산실적은 한미약품이 7047억원으로 2년 연속 1위를 기록했다.

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