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Hyundai Steel Completes Construction of Mexican Cold-rolled Steel Service Center

March 10, 2016 08:13|March 10, 2016 08:36
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The steel service center of Hyundai Steel in Mexico will be completed within this month and begin full operations. The service center, to be located in Monterrey in the northeastern state of Nuevo Leon, will mostly provide cold-rolled steel sheets for automotive customers. The service center was established in response to the rising demand for steel products from finished automobile companies like Kia Motors, Hyundai Steel's largest shareholder. The Monterrey service center will provide a total of 400,000 tons of cold-rolled steel sheets to Kia Motors. It cost the steel company about US$44 million to build the center.

According to a company official, the share of cold-rolled steel sheets sold overseas will rise thanks to the opening of the Mexican steel service center. Currently, more than 50 percent of cold-rolled steel sheets are sold domestically. Hyundai Steel acquired all overseas steel service centers of Hyundai Hysco when it merged with its group sister company last year. The service centers in Chongqing and Tianjin are also under construction, with plans to be completed by the year's end and the first half of next year respectively.

A Hyundai Steel official said, "By completing the Mexican service center, we succeeded in creating a foundation to move overseas in earnest. We will try to increase our profitability by producing more higher value-added products like cold-rolled steel plates."
현대제철의 멕시코 스틸서비스센터(SSC)가 이달 준공돼 본격적으로 가동된다. 스틸서비스센터는 현대제철이 생산한 자동차용 냉연강판을 가공해 공급하는 설비 기지다.

9일 현대제철에 따르면 멕시코 스틸서비스센터는 동북부 몬테레이에 들어섰다. 시험 가동을 거쳐 이달 내 준공된 뒤 곧바로 상업 생산에 들어간다. 투자금액은 4400만달러(약 530억2000만원)로, 연간 40만대 분량의 냉연강판을 기아차에 제공할 계획이다.

이 센터는 현대제철의 최대주주인 기아자동차의 해외 공장 확대에 따라 신설됐다. 기아차 멕시코 공장은 지난해 11월 시험 생산에 들어갔으며, 오는 5월 정식 가동을 앞두고 있다.

현대제철은 지난해 현대하이스코와 합병하면서 하이스코의 해외 스틸서비스센터도 가져왔다.

현대제철은 중국 충칭과 톈진에 있는 스틸서비스센터도 각각 올해 말과 내년 상반기에 준공할 예정이다.

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