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Seven Out of Ten EVs Sold in Korea are Hyundai Ioniq

May 18, 2017 14:58|May 18, 2017 14:58
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Sevenout of ten electric vehicles sold in Korea turned out to be Hyundai Motor's Ioniq.Kia Motors' Niro has also gained the largest share among hybrid models.

Accordingto industry sources on May 17, the number of eco-friendly vehicles sold inKorea during the first four months of this year totaled 25,754 units, up 28.7percent from a year ago. The eco-friendly vehicles include EVs, hybrid vehicles,and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Ofthe total, EVs accounted for 2,582 units, a six-fold increase from 423 a yearbefore. The Hyundai Ioniq was sold 1,898 units, grabbing a share of 73.5percent in the domestic EV market, followed by Kia Motors' Soul with 288 units,and Renault Samsung's SM3 ZE with 235 units.

Inthe January-April period of this year, the sales of hybrid vehicles totaled23,004 units, up 18.0 percent year on year. Kia Motors' Niro came on top with6,378 units (27.7%), followed by Kia K7 Hybrid (2,615 units) and Lexus ES300hwith 2,508 units.