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Doosan HI Wins 470 Bil. Won Order from Indonesia

March 16, 2017 08:36|March 16, 2017 08:36
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Doosan Heavy Industries announced on March 14 that it won a 470-billion-won order from Indonesia’s state-run Perusahaan Listrik Negara to upgrade the gas-powered Muara Tawar power plant. Doosan formed a consortium with Indonesia’s state-run construction firm Hutama Karya to join the bidding. Doosan will be responsible for about 300 billion won out of the total order value.


The Muara Tawar power plant is located 40 kilometers away from Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. Under the terms of this order, Doosan will upgrade the 1,150-megawatt power plant into a 1,800-megawatt compound power plant by adding eight units of HRSG and three units of steam turbines.


The construction will begin at the end of this year. It would take about 30 months to complete the construction. Previously in December, Doosan had also won the deal to upgrade the Grati power plant in Indonesia.


Doosan officials said, “We won the bid by beating major global competitors, including those in Japan and Turkey. We will accelerate efforts to gain a larger share in Indonesia which is scheduled to build 35-gigawatt power plants by 2019.”

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