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Kakao Acquires ISO27001 Certification

June 29, 2012 11:13|July 03, 2012 11:14
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KakaoTalk, a cross-platform mobile messaging application for smartphones, announced June 28 that it acquired “ISO27001”certification, an international standard for the ISMS (Information Security and Management System), for the first time in its industry.

ISO27001 is a certification for information security management set by the International Standards Organization (ISO). The ISO27001 is recognized widely as the most important certification in the information protection category.

The ISO27001 certification implies that Kakao Talk satisfies international standards in 133 sub-items of 11 fields, consisting of corporate policy, management and technology security.

Kakao Talk officials said, “Kakao Talk is now companywide certified for ISO27001 thanks to its thorough observation of information security-related laws and its ongoing stabilization efforts. We’ll go all-out to become a mobile leader, making ourselves more genuinely trustworthy.”